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Thank you to everyone who volunteered to work or write stories! This is what I have for the working registration:

Thursday, August 20 – 8-11 Christianna and Kristin H.; 12 – 3 Connie

Monday, August 24 – 8-11 Theresa; 12-3 Eric

Wednesday, August 26 – Claire and  Sarah D.

There will be a cash box in the main office along with some receipts. A table should be set up somewhere for us. You just have to sit and take subsciptions. Be sure to check that the entire subscription sheet is filled out. Most people will probably pay with check, and if they do, you don’t need to write a receipt (the check is the receipt). If they pay with cash, write a receipt–give them the white copy, keep the yellow. We probably won’t have many customers, so bring something to read =) When you’re done with your shift, return the box to the office. Put the forms in the box or in a big envelope.

Here is what the first day issue looks like:

Page 1: Mr. G takes over – Connie; Parking permit – Eric; Lizzy B – Kristin

Page 2: Mr. Cumming Q&A – Claire; jumps from pg.1

Page 3: Staff Ed – Jack; Health Care – Evan; Naughty Press – Julia N.

Page 4: Michael J. – Connie; Crittenteen – Jenna; What you missed this summer – Claire

Page 5: 100 things we love about Roch. – Julia

Page 6: The Call – Dylan and Shawn; Girls golf – Max; Boys tennis – Theresa

Any ads yet? You’ll need to let me know by 8/24. Also, does anyone want to do a first day by the numbers?

All the stories are assigned at around 400-500 words for this issue. Remember that stories should be emailed to me by the morning of 8/24. At the meeting that day, anyone who is joining us will help edit and then do dummy layouts. Sarah D. has volunteered to do some layout, and so has Sarah B. (coming out of retirement). I will try to practice my new photography skills and take some pics, but anyone else is welcome to do that, too!

If anything has changed, please let me know. And, again, thanks for all the volunteers (even though I know you’re thinking extra credit, too!) You guys (and girls) are awesome!


 NOTE: If you are trying to add a comment and do not see it showing up, it is because the first time someone comments, I have to “approve” it. After that, the comments should show up automatically. I will be checking the blog every day or two. – Mrs. M

Congratulations if you found my blog for The Source! Here are some important items for the First Day Issue, next year…oh, and Twitter, too:


So far, we have several people working on stories, but we don’t have enough. This is what we do have:


  • Q&A w/ Mr. Cumming – Claire
  • Nada. Nothing. No Page One stories. I do have ideas, though. First, obviously, Mr. G is taking over. Second, some teachers retired this summer–Mrs. Walter and Mrs. Judge. Third, Tienken Rd. is going to be widened to three lanes. Finally, the parking fee went up (I believe) significantly to $105 this year. We could do two or all of these. Any takers?


  • Connie Chen is writing an opinion piece about Michael Jackson
  • Nothing else. Again, however, I have some ideas. First, we should have a staff editorial that relates to some other story we are running in the issue. Second, maybe someone would like to do something about how the professional media is really annoying (at least to me) this summer. First, there was the endless gratuitious coverage of Michael Jackson’s death to the exclusion of anything else of national importance. Then there is the “coverage” of the health care “debate” in which the media gives any opinion equal weight, whether it is actually based in fact or not (i.e. “death panels”).  Does this help or hurt the public? Maybe we could even do a pro/con.


  • Lizzy Brykalski working w/Neighborhood House – Kristin H.
  • 100 reasons we love Rochester – Julia
  • What you missed this summer – pitched by Claire but she’s already writing a story; could have someone else do this (talk to Claire about idea)


  • Not even one story! C’mon, people! (This is really something we have to work on this year!) I know SCHS HAS sports. Something’s got to be going on!
  • What about The Call? Anyone want to take that over? If so, your “audition” is to write a column for the  First Day and the September issue (see job information below)


  • Now’s the time to sell them. Who has the driver’s training companies? Do they want ads in the First Day issue? Homecoming is the first weekend in October. The September issue is almost too late for HC ads. What about dress places? Restaurants? Limo services? Also, a lot of dance studios and gymnastics places start their fall lessons. They may want ads, too. What about cider mills?

Due Dates:

  • Stories should be emailed to me by August 23 in the P.M. to be edited on August 24 at our summer workshop (see below)
  • Layouts will need to be done by September 1. These will be done at home by volunteers–more information at our summer workshop.


Don’t forget the summer workshop is 12-1 on August 24. Anyone interested (even remotely) in a job should plan on attending!


Some people are having trouble with Twitter, so here are some tutorials you can watch from YouTube.


The 2008/2009 Source was named All American by the National Scholastic Press Association! Read the ealuation N016501_N07477


Please respond to this blog by posting a comment below. That way, we all can see what’s going on!


62 responses to “The Source

  1. Eric Goble

    I would like to take on the parking permit story. Also, I was planning on writing a “senior survival guide” sort of thing about the best lunch spots and other things that all seniors need to “express their superiority.” As for sports, we could do an XC story on the new regions and the teams plans for a state run.

  2. Claire Van Raaphorst

    Ooo! Well this looks all nice and fancy! Well I have a few ideas for the first day issue!!

    First, it could included Mrs. Judge and Mrs. Walter retiring AND the addition of three new teachers, Miss Archer for science, Miss Thomas for math and Mr. Koch for math. I wasn’t thinking of a story exactly more of just bio box or something smaller and more visual.

    Also we could do another shorter story on how Stoney is continuing to grow (we did something like this last year but I was thinking a follow up article?) Apparently they’re adding lockers again because we now have over 1,700 students.

    I know we have some very politically opinionated staff members coming on this year so maybe they can shoot for either doing something for the staff editorial or they’re own column.

    As for sports – I’m not too tuned into the pulse of the school’s sports. I can only think of two things for right now. One isn’t super newsey but maybe something about moving up devisions in sports because they always have such bad impacts on teams. I know this happens to a team or two almost every year but maybe on the football team last year and I know the swim team won Division 2 last year, so now they’re in Division 1…. and not going to win ANYTHING :(.

    The other sports this is about graduated students from Stoney coming back to train with the team for summer conditioning till they go to college. Basically, it it legal? Should they let them? Etc etc.

    Also I can work registration the 24th or the 26th afternoon sessions.

    I whipped up a T-Shirt design and I guess I could post it on here somehow or I could bring it into the workshop to see how people like it.

    Speaking of the workshop, do we need food? I could get the returning staff members to bring some for the newbies!

    Alright, I’ll see you at the workshop!

  3. conniechen92

    Can I take the Mr. G one? I’m thinking a table of changes he’s planning on making and how they will affect us. Or will that be too much Alts on one page?

    Oh and I’m signing up for 8/20 – noon to 3 p.m. Do I meet somewhere w/ … someone to get sign up sheets and so on?

  4. I want to audition for the Call, I will email you what my topic is when I come up with one.


  5. Jack Wink

    I’d be willing to take a story though I know almost literally nothing about newspaper writing, I will however offer my help with the registration, at this point I don’t know which date(s) I can make, but I’ll post that once I know. Also, I could help with photos if anybody needs editing done or even pictures taken. Feel free to reply to my email or twitter. / Rknroll4life

    – Jack

  6. Max

    i had an idea on girls golf, will they go to states again next year, and how will the stars do this year with the seniors leaving. interviews mr. vince, marianna stepp, and gabby yurik, good idea??? need to know sooon so i can start…

  7. gmartc285

    Ok, so I have these to add:

    Eric- Parking permit story – about 400 words. Make sure you get the reasons for the change (I’m assuming it has to do with the budget problems) and not just a bunch of kids complaining about the cost! Also, we have enough features, I think, but feel free to do the senior thing. If it can’t go this issue, it can go in Sept.

    Max- Girls golf outlook – about 500 words. Can you get pics? I know this is hard because they don’t practice at school.

    Shawn – The Call – about 400 words. Remember, other people can still “try out”

    Connie, since you already have a story, let’s see if someone else wants the Mr. G thing first. If no one says anything by Friday, it’ll be yours.

    Jack, do you want to try an opinion/editorial? How about on the parking permit price? Just be sure you have your facts (find out why it was upped). The writing is just like an English persuasive piece. It should be around 400-500 words.

    Claire, I’ll put you down for working the 26th and for organizing food for the 24th. How’s that?

  8. conniechen92

    Just pitching an idea for everyone: a look at senior pranks with short descriptions?

  9. Claire Van Raaphorst

    Sure! I can wrangle some food for the workshop and work for registration for 26th.

    Oh for Connie, normally senior pranks are done at the end of the year, like one of the last days the seniors are at school so maybe that could be in the Senior issue? Or perhaps the end of the year magazine?

  10. Jack Wink

    I could give the editorial a shot, would I be speaking on my behalf, or would this article reflect the collective feelings of the staff?

    • gmartc285

      If you write the editorial on the parking pass issue, it will likely be the staff editorial, so you are speaking on behalf of the staff (use the “editorial we”).

      • Jack Wink

        Alright, I’m planning on calling one of the board members tomorrow and see if I can’t get the details on the upped price… I heard something about a pay raise for the parking lot attendants which will be funded from the passes but I’ve not confirmed that. Anyways, I’ll continue from there and try to get other staff opinions etc.

  11. Max

    Mrs. Martin, have you been getting my emails? I don’t know if I am sending them right…

    • gmartc285

      I’ve been getting a lot of emails from NewsU. I’m sure I’ve gotten some from you. As long as you’re sending me notification, you’re doing it right!

      • Max

        do you have the phone numbers and information for crossroads pregnancy and apple driving school, i can talk to purdy myself, i play golf with him

  12. Christiana Tanner

    I can work registration either of the times on the 20th.

  13. Theresa Elder

    I have an idea for the sports section. The boys tennis team has a new JV coach this year, and also has an amazing new freshman who should be a top singles player. Potential?

    • gmartc285

      Hurray! A sports story! This sounds good, Theresa. How about 500 word on this?

      Oh, and did anyone read in the Rochester Post that there are new eligibility requirements for athletes? Apparently they have to pass more classes (and our very own Shawn Cox, oddly, had his picture with the story…) Is there a story there?

      • Eric Goble

        If you’re looking at new coaches for the story, there is a new dive coach and Mrs. Williams came back to coach Varsity Cheer this year.

  14. Jenna J.

    I’m lovin’ all this nifty new technology stuff. Anywhoo, I’m still writing the crittenteen story right??

  15. Kristin Hinchman

    Can I work the 8/20 – 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. shift for registration?
    And what ads have been sold so far? Because I was thinking of contacting a cider mill or a limo company? Just let me know!

  16. Sara J

    I’m with Jack, since this is my first year with the newspaper i’m sort of at a loss for what to do…could i maybe do an opinion piece on the widening of tienken road? (i actually live on tienken road, and i’d like to learn more about the subject anyway) i can also work registration whenever.

  17. conniechen92

    Ah you’re right about the time issue Claire. Then maybe a review on salons for homecoming?

    And Mrs. Martin, did anyone take the Mr. G story yet? If it’s mine, would it be ok to do it in somekind of comparison format or would that be too much alts? Around 500 words or shorter?

  18. dylan wilcox

    hey mrs Martin I know I am new to the staff this year so tryingout for the call is a huge long shot but its something I’ve wanted to do for a while so I was wondering if I could take a sports article for the first issue and use that as somewhat of a tryout
    some ideas
    -I’m not sure if we plan on doing any pro sports like there wa last year but I was thinking something on the tigers and the playoff race they are in
    – college football preview
    – Stoney soccer preview
    or the typical sc football preview
    if you could give me feed back on these ideas that would be great 🙂
    I am also willin to work non sports stories it’s just a preferance thanks again

    • gmartc285

      Anyone can try out, Dylan. You should plan on doing one column for the first day issue and one for the September issue, too. As for topics, I’m always a fan of keeping the topics as local as possible–meaning related to Stoney. Professional sports columnists cover professional and college sports better than we can, but no one should be able to cover SCHS sports better than us! Which sport you want to cover is up to you. Just be sure to have a unique opinion and “voice.”

      • Dylan Wilcox

        Sorry I am still slightly confused, are you saying i have an opinion column I need to write for the first and second issue? or just regular articles?
        Also if I am writing just a normal article for the first issue I think I will do it on either the transision from J.V. to Varsity soccer or just a soccer preview. If I am doing an opinion column then I will plan on writing it on how annoying it is to me that profesional athletes get preferential treatment when it comes to the law

        just let me know what I should be writeing for the first issue. Oh and one more thing is the first issue article due sometime Sunday or should we be bringing it to the class on monday?

      • gmartc285

        We need the First Day issue articles for our meeting on Monday. So you can bring yours with you. Otherwise, they just need to be emailed to me by about 11 A.M. Monday.

      • dylan wilcox

        yea that sounds good
        now I was wondering if you want me writing an opionion column for te first and second issue or if you would like me to write one of the sc sports previews
        or if you would like me doing both just let me know which one you would rather and I will get on that asap

      • gmartc285

        Hi, Dylan–

        If you would like to audition to do The Call, then you will write the column for the first day and the September issue (writing both is part of the audition). The column is an opinion story. However, once school starts and we brainstorm ideas for the September issue, you may decide to pick up another “regular” story, too. That will be up to you. For now, just work on The Call.


  19. Sara Jongeward

    okay, let’s try this again…!
    like jack, this is my first year with the newspaper and i’m sort of at a loss for what to do…maybe i could do an opinion piece on the widening of tienken road? (since i live by tienken, i have a pretty strong opinion about it anyway)
    i can work registration whenever, if you still need people.

  20. Eric Goble

    Mrs. Martin, should we do something on the pay to play increase? It’s pretty big news.

  21. Eric Goble

    Another thing, I can work any of the afternoon registrations, just let me know which would be best.

  22. Eric Goble

    One last thing, where are the job applications and when are they due?

    • gmartc285

      I’ll pass out the job applications after school starts. If you want to look at them early, they’ll be on the staff manual page as soon as I get the staff manual ready (end of this week?) They aren’t due until sometime at the end of September. If you really want, you can check the calendar on

  23. Evan Clark

    Hi Mrs. Martin, changed over to a different, email address so missed a few emails and I’m a little late to the party.
    I’d love to do an opinion article on the whole health care

  24. Evan Clark

    oops got cut off there

    but yep I’d like to do something about the health care debate.

  25. gmartc285

    That would be fine, Evan. Julia Nagy is doing something about the press, however, so if you write about health care, make sure you stay away from how the press has handled it. Also, you’ll have to try to make it understandable (and relevant) to HS kids. Why, after all, should they care? (I think they should, mind you, I’m just asking rhetorically here!) If you can do that, go for it!

  26. Julia Nagy

    How long should the opinion article I’m doing about the press be?

  27. Max White

    How long should my golf story be, about 500 words?

  28. Sarah Dittrich

    Hi Mrs. Martin,
    May I please work from 12 to 3 on the 26th? I can also bring food to the Source Workshop. I can do 3-4 pages of layout too. Thanks!

    • gmartc285

      Hi, Sarah– Yes, you can work on the 26th w/Claire and help her with food. I’ll let you guys figure it out together. And, yes, I can use your help w/layout! We can work out who does what on the 24th.

  29. Theresa Elder

    I can work registration 8-24 from 8 to 11 or 12-3, whichever you need.

  30. Eric Goble

    Martin, I’m interested in an editor postion, so how do I handle attending the workshop while I’m working the registration at the same time?

    • gmartc285

      Oh, I don’t know. I’ll figure that out. Maybe we can even have someone else working registration (yearbook people?) collect the subscriptions for a while. It’s not like we’re that busy. Then you could come for some of the time. We’ll see.

  31. Kristin Hinchman

    Mrs. Martin,

    In the email you sent me you told me to work the August 24th time period at 8 a.m. and I just looked at this blog page and it says I was supposed to work yesterday? I was planning on working the 24th because that’s what you told me to do in the email. Sorry for the confusion! Is it still ok for me to work the 24th?

  32. Julia Nagy

    I’d love to do the first day by the numbers (I’m sure Sarah is going to want to help out with that too)!

  33. Julia Nagy

    Oh, I have a question about the 100 reasons why we love rochester thing. Should I take pictures of places around rochester/rochester hills or do you want head shots for each quote? I personally think that some pictures of places around rochester/rochester hills will be better.

  34. dylan wilcox

    mrs martin-my column for the first day issue is curently at 487 words and was wondering if that was okay

  35. Claire Van Raaphorst

    Good meeting people today! But since we talked so much about good leads I had them on the brain and I was thinking really good example for suspense leads/fact leads is actually not in newspaper but in trailers for movies. Since the have to make you want to watch it with only a two minute bit rather then a full length preview, that’s what we are trying to do except with 20-25 words instead of a 400 word story

    This is a good example of suspense!!

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