LA 10

Your final exam will have several parts:


You will be asked to identify the parts of speech, objects, subject and verb, sentence structure and sentence type of one sentence, like we do when we practice grammar in class. Although we will review with several sentences in class, you may also want to go to the Grammar page listed under LA 10. On that page is a Power Point with notes/explanations. You can also read up on sentence structures on the Purdue Online Writing Lab website. Or, if you want, you can play an online game on sentence structure (be warned, though, that there are some things in this game that we havn’t covered yet), or take an online quiz.

For a review on parts of speech, you can also view the grammar notes.  Also in the grammar folder are links to Schoolhouse Rock grammar videos for each part of speech. Finally, you can play some online parts of speech games.

Grammar will be worth 25-30 points of your  exam.

Literary Terms

For a list of the humor techniques that the exam may cover, click on LANGUAGE ARTS 10 humor notes.

For a list of the poetry terms the exam may cover, click LANGUAGE ARTS 10 poetry terms.


In this section, you will need to apply the terms (above) and your knowledge of authors, styles, themes, etc. to pieces we have not read in class together. For practice with this, you can review the following links:

LA 10 unpacking metaphors

LANGUAGE ARTS 10 concrete nouns imagery

LANGUAGE ARTS 10 Sedaris and Twain questions

LANGUAGE ARTS 10 symbolism

Focus Correction Areas/Writing  Concepts

Be prepared to answer ACT-style questions about writing concepts we studied such as eliminating state-of-being verbs; choosing concrete, specific nouns; organization; MLA format for citations; embedding quotes correctly; and focus correction areas, such as no “you,” homonyms, and run-ons and fragments, and commas with introductory words,  phrases and clauses, with compound and complex sentences, with restrictive and non-restrictive clauses and appositives,  and with quotations.

An ACT-style test gives you a passage with parts underlined and then asks you to identify and correct, if necessary, errors in those parts. We will practice with this in class for review; however, you can also review any of the concepts above by clicking on the link. You can review ACT-style tests by taking a sample test on the ACT website.


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