2013 Research Blog Groups and Assignment

Below are your groups for responding to another person’s blog. I tried to group you with a similar topic; however, it didn’t always work. If you are in a group with one other person, you both just respond to that person’s blog. If you are in larger group, the first person responds to the second person’s blog, the second person responds to the third person’s blog, etc. The last person in the group responds to the first person’s blog. In these larger groups, you MUST put your first name and last initial in your comments or you won’t get credit! (It’s even a good idea to do this in the two people blogs just to be sure you get the points.)

When you respond, I want you to comment about both the content and the writing. Be encouraging, but don’t be afraid to be constructive. In other words, note what you think the writer did well in both areas and where he/she could have improved. In addition, give your opinion about the topic–do you agree or disagree with the writer and why. Your comments do not have to be really long, but they should substantive! You may comment on individual pages or at the end of the whole blog.

International Relations
Hajoo http://www.PeaceLoveKorea.wordpress.com
Grace http://www.neutralityInSyria.wordpress.com
Maithreyi http://www.uschinarelations.wordpress.com
Yanni http://www.conflictminerallegislation.wordpress.com

General Medical Issues (Perhaps Concerning Drugs)
Marina http://www.ADDandADHDlatesttrend.wordpress.com
Kelsey http://www.atwistedgeneration.wordpress.com
Alexa http://www.wastedp0tential.wordpress.com
Lauren http://www.compensatingorgandonors.wordpress.com
Jackie http://www.jackiesblog2.wordpress.com

Standardized Testing
Ryan http://www.standardizationreform.wordpress.com
Natalie M. http://www.missingwhatmatters.wordpress.com

Too Much School?
Ben http://www.sleepyschool.wordpress.com
John http://www.JohnsResearchEssay.wordpress.com

The Standards Debate
Nisha http://www.theccssedu.wordpress.com
Kellie http://www.TheEducationSystemThatFellBehind.wordpress.com

Alternative Methods of Educating
Philip http://www.multilingualkindergarten.wordpress.com
Jenna http://www.singlesexeducationpaper.wordpress.com

Too Much Technology?
Alyse http://www.theigenerationblog.wordpress.com
Sid http://www.sendingamessage.wordpress.com

How the Government Really Should be Run
Charles http://www.partiestothepeople.wordpress.com
Derek http://www.democracydenied.wordpress.com
Rishabh http://www.imperfectionwhereperfectionisdemanded.wordpress.com

Current Event Hot Topics
Christian http://www.immigrationandpolitics.wordpress.com
Regina http://www.maskingthesymptoms.wordpress.com
Sam http://www.gun-disease.blogspot.com

Grab-bag of Stuff Government Should Do
Daniela http://www.danielasinishtaj.wordpress.com
Zach http://www.momandpopspaceship.wordpress.com
Darian http://www.tracingtheinfluenceofmoney.wordpress.com
Garrett http://www.theworkingRevolution.wordpress.com

Technology Hurting or Helping?
Jen http://www.techaddictionresearch.wordpress.com
Curtis http://www.theintelligentfuture.wordpress.com

Nathan http://www.battlingbigbrother.wordpress.com
Yimeng http://www.cybersecurityinitiative.wordpress.com

Genetic Stuff I Don’t Really Understand
Olivia http://www.geneticcodeofconduct.wordpress.com
Neha http://www.wholegenomesequencing.wordpress.com

Autism and Asperger’s
Alexandria http://www.dsmchanges.wordpress.com
Tori http://www.classifyingnicholas.wordpress.com

Josh http://www.legalwiretapping.wordpress.com
David http://www.itstoppedraining.wordpress.com

Questionable Patriotism
Steffen http://www.ciaeit.wordpress.com
Patrick http://www.antipatriotact.wordpress.com

Beauty and the Beast
Jillian http://www.theyoungandtheglamorous.wordpress.com
Kaylee http://www.teenplasticbeauty.wordpress.com

A Bunch of Unrelated Sports Stuff
Steven http://www.hotstove12.wordpress.com
Emma H. http://www.roundingthebasesessay.wordpress.com
Allie http://www.alliessingalongblog.wordpress.com
Emma G. http://www.dressagebenefits.wordpress.com
Kayla J. http://www.goingforthegold2012.wordpress.com

Not Really Related at all, but Sort of about the Media
Kayla F. http://www.mediabiasaproblemoraright.wordpress.com
Tanner http://www.liesmygovernmenttoldme.wordpress.com

Amanda http://www.amandasresearchpaper.wordpress.com 
Natalie G. http://www.bullyingneedsacure.wordpress.com

Icky Food
Alyssa http://www.GEfood.wordpress.com
Kylie http://www.menacingmeat.wordpress.com

Mining, Fracking, Whatever
Michelle http://www.theproblemwithfracking.wordpress.com
Alaina http://www.strippingtothesurface.wordpress.com

Keeping America Beautiful
Sophia http://www.cleanenergyquest.wordpress.com
Chase http://www.replantingdetroit.wordpress.com

If you are not listed here, you didn’t give me your blog address!


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