May 7 impromptu information

There are two things I want to clarify for everyone before tomorrow’s impromptu that I’m not sure I said in both classes:

1. Sometimes the AP test includes a compare/contrast close reading prompt. In both seminars on Monday, I tried to guide the discussion in that direction for some practice. You should be aware that the prompt tomorrow will be comparison/contrast, which complicates both the thesis AND the organization of the essay.

2. Although the book is non-fiction because it is a memoir, that doesn’t mean that it can’t contain literary/narrative elements. Remember, the author STILL gets to decide what events he includes, what details in those events he emphasizes, the order in which he tells events, the tone/attitude, the speaker, etc. So, for example, although the events and people may be real, there are still things like symbols in the book. I DON’T KNOW IF THERE WILL BE ANY SYMBOLS IN THE PASSAGES FOR TOMORROW BECAUSE I HAVEN’T CHOSEN THEM YET. So don’t think this means that I definitely want you to look for symbolism. I’m just saying, if it is there, don’t discount it because this is memoir.


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