AP Language Extra Credit Opportunity

The extra credit opportunity is to write a by-lined opinion piece for the May issue of The Source, or for The Source Website. Originally, I thought that it could be a good opportunity for those people who had a topic specifically related to school and/or teens for their research paper because so many had good information that I think other students would be interested in. However, I wanted to open up the opportunity to everyone.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Email me an electronic copy on or before (6th hour) May 7
  • Must be between 350 and 400 words long
  • Must be on a SCHOOL or TEEN related topic (but preferably school-related)
  • Must state your opinion on the topic. For more information about how to write successful opinion pieces for a newspaper, visit this link. And, while these are much longer, and not necessarily on school-related topics, here and here are examples of nationally award-winning student opinion pieces.
  • Ideally, your support will come from your research topic (but doesn’t have to). In any case, you do need facts to back up your opinion–these should not simply be essays  complaining/whining or preaching!
  • No 5 paragraph essays! News stories of all kinds have short paragraphs–rarely more than three sentences long. Plus, you must consider your audience: other students. Write in a style/voice that will be engaging to this audience.

Everyone who submits an opinion piece by the deadline will get some extra credit. However, those that are actually published will get additional extra credit. The published pieces will be determined by the Editorial Board and by the space available in the May issue.

(Sorry, Simon–you’re not eligible 😦 )


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