AP Language Change in Plans

Due to the snow/cold days, the due date for the argumentative paper will now be Thursday.

HOWEVER, we will be starting a new unit with its own homework on Wednesday–and you’ll have extra homework because we’ll have to catch up after the days off.

So that you can plan accordingly, here is some information about what we’ll be doing in class with some links that can help you get ahead if you would prefer. (This way, you won’t have as much homework when we get back to school.) No, none of this is required NOW-but it will be soon!

We will be doing a unit on argument in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. There are big honkin’ books you can check out in class, but there are plenty of free on-line versions and ebooks of the play, which actually may be easier to read anyway. (NOTE: DO NOT use/get one of those Shakespeare to “regular” English translations! This will NOT help you when you have to take the test!) Here’s one link to the text. Below are the plans for the rest of the week and links to assignments.




  • We will correct Act I and Act II summary sheets
  • Class activities on Act I and Act II

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