AP Language Approved Research Topics

Below are the topics that have been approved for the research paper. If you are not listed here, your topic still will not work, either because it is not a policy, because it is not a VIABLE policy, because it is a policy based on values, because it is too vague, or because the topic has already been approved by someone else. For those who still do not have a topic approved, I STRONGLY suggest that you look for one with which you have personal experience and for which you already possess some background knowledge.

First Hour:

Kayla B. – colleges and sexual assault policies
Dhurv S. – background checks for firearms
Sharon  Y. – privatize space industry
Miah K. – insurance companies should cover more mental health treatments
Tommy A. – adopt year-round schooling
Emily G. – implement DREAM Act
Brandon S. – reform NSA to protect privacy
Katie F. – Dept. of Agriculture should raise the health standards of school lunches
Natasha D. – label genetically modified foods
Becca D. – military should use civilian courts

Fifth Hour:

Katie R. – alternatives for gym credit
Clare S. – free/low cost public colleges
Vera – FDA should regulate fast food meat
Chloe Z. – increase minimum wage
Gaurav K. – solar energy
Paige B. – asylum laws & refugees
John N. – NCAA should allow college athletes to be paid
Simon – funding for research into nuclear fusion
Dominic – more funding for NASA


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