LA10: Evidence in Argumentative Essays

Many of you are struggling to include SPECIFIC evidence that supports your claim in your argumentative essays, so here is some basic information:

There are three basic types of evidence which I consider specific:

  • FACTS – This is verifiable information that cannot be argued. It includes dates, names, data (statistics), etc.
  • EVENTS – You use events for evidence when you tell a story (or anecdote). There are two basic kinds of anecdotes you can use. One is an anecdote of a historical or current event (this will usually also include facts, so it could be considered factual as well). Another is a personal experience.
  • QUOTES – In this case, the quotes should come from “experts” on your topics. An expert could be someone who studies the topic or has a life experience related to the topic. You will usually get your quotes from research, so if you use expert quotes, remember they must be cited.

Each body paragraph should have AT LEAST two of these types of specific examples. (In your concession/refutation paragraph, you should have at least one specific example for your concession and at least for your refutation.)

For more detailed information about specific examples, click  here.


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