AP Reading Homework for Oct. 1

Many AP Lang. kids were absent for choir today. Tomorrow we have a 35 Socratic Seminar, and you won’t be able to participate (and will have to do the much more painful make up seminar!) if you don’t do the homework. For tomorrow, you will need to read and annotate, using the 3 draft reading process, “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell in your 50 Essays book. You will also have to read and annotate the poem posted below.

I will check annotation before the seminar, and they must be sufficiently done in order for people to participate. That means SOAPStone, and SEVERAL annotations about structure, organization, modes of discourse, style, tropes, schemes, etc. Remember, annotations means to take notes–simply highlighting/underlining is not sufficient!

Here is the second piece to read and annotate for the Socratic seminar tomorrow:

Traveling Through the Dark


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