Specific First Day Issue Information

(I’m posting this separately so that you actually read it all. It’s summer, I understand. That last post was a lot of WORDS!)

I’ve been thinking about the format that we should use for the first day issue stories, and I think a standard format would be best. While this is open for discussion, this is what I think EACH SPREAD should include:
1. A timeline with the important events of the story. This would be a visual way to present the “summary.” We probably also can get pictures from creative commons for some of the timeline stuff. The only story this could be a little challenging for could be the royal birth. I think you would have to stick to the “baby watch” the week or so before the birth and the events until the royal family left the hospital. I don’t think we need to go back to marriage and conception!
2. The main ASF/infographic. This is open. Nisha Patel has already started her story, and she has it arranged as a list of pros/cons, so that would be her main infographic. You would pick something that makes the most sense for your topic/info.
3. A quote collection OR a By the Numbers. Using Nisha’s example again, she’s doing the Trayvon Martin case. A By the Numbers doesn’t really make sense for this (at least to me), but A LOT of famous people and people involved in the case had A LOT of things to say about the verdict. It would be easy to collect 10-12 provocative quotes that express different opinions. Just remember, whatever you do–quotes or data–we must SOURCE it all! So keep track of your sources!
4. Anything else you want to put on your spread.
5. As for the layout, I think we should use the book covers for each of the books as inspiration. So, look some of those up on-line and think about how we could incorporate the design. For example, I’ve attached two different versions of Tale of Two Cities covers that could be really cool. The first one, for example, could use the skyline as the timeline. It would be really easy. So look for stuff like that. No need to reinvent the wheel!
6. I already have an easy idea for the cover. No worries there.

Here are the pics:

tale 2

tale 1


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