A Bunch of Newspaper Summer Stuff…and Forms



OK–so here is my promised post. I have A LOT to cover, so maybe skim….
First, now that registration has actually started, some of you (perhaps several) will likely have scheduling conflicts. I know Neha and Nisha did. So here’s the deal: It is best if you can work your schedule to be in class sixth hour. HOWEVER, if you are a second-year Source staff member OR if you are joining the Source from AP, we can work around your schedule. Basically, just pick the hour you want newspaper and the counselors and I will work it out. (The only tricky hour is 4th since yearbook is in the lab. But one or two people may be able to fit in.) There are definite downfalls to not being in the actual class, but since newspaper is “hybrid” this year anyway, important lessons will always be online. Editing will be through Google Docs. So, it is definitely manageable.

Next–I obviously missed the first day of registration. As I said, I just got back from California yesterday and I had just assumed that registration would be in the middle of the week. I don’t even KNOW if we really need people working registration. I have no idea how many people may buy subscriptions/donate. I’ll email the school to see if there were very many subs. If not, we don’t need anyone on Wednesday. If there were, we could have one or two people sit there for each registration time. So, you can let me know if you want to do that.

On to the first day issue: From your emails and posts, here is what I have so far:
1. Nisha Patel is working on the Pride and Prejudice (Trayvon Martin) page. She could still use a partner or two. Especially since, as of now, she is not actually in the class 
2. Simon Sun is working on the From Russia with Love/The Spy Who Loved Me (NSA) piece. He would like a partner or two, too.
3. Chase Heinemann and Neha Tiwari are working on the Great Expectations (Royal birth) page. Again, Neha is currently not in the class anymore, so–if she doesn’t want to do the story purely out of the goodness of her heart–Chase could use a partner. If Neha is still with us, this team is probably set.
4. Tori Phelps and Regina Chen are working on the Tale of Two Cities (Detroit bankruptcy) page. That’s probably enough, butMayur Bandekar and Ryan Sennet have asked to work on it, too. I’m not opposed to that. I could be helpful for four people who have never done layout to work together. It would be the blind leading the blind, but, hey, only 1/4 the frustration!
5. Mila Murray is looking for a story  So, Mila, you could choose #1 or #2 above, probably. As for the Common Core, I think that’s something we might want to tackle for our second issue to have time to work on it. It’s kind of a really big deal and can really impact students, so we want to do it right.
6. I think that’s it for stories. But anyone else–completely new/inexperienced people included!–can join in the fun and work on one of the teams. There will be plenty to do!

Now for money: If you came to the meeting a week or so ago, try to check with your business ASAP so that we can see how many ads we need to fit in by the end of this week (or next Monday at the LATEST) If you were at the meeting and think of other business you’d like to contact, email me or post on here to check that no one else has claimed them. If you weren’t at the meeting, please WAIT to sell ads! There is information that I will need to explain to you. I will go over the ad information Thursday and Friday this week at our “workshops.” You can come to one of those (they’re sort of drop-in) Both days would actually be a great time to plan on doing some selling with a partner, especially if you don’t have a story. I will post PDFs of the ad contract and cover letter on my blog, for those of you who know what to do with them and need more.

As for the sheet sale information, I will post that on my blog, too. This you can do whether you were at the meeting or not. Basically, you ask your friends and family to buy sheets and we get $10 for each set sold. Great way to earn your ad grade money if you don’t like talking to strangers. (Of course, if you don’t like talking to strangers, you have other issues for this class since that’s kind of what we do!)

Whew! OK. Scroll down for the ad contract and sheet information.

2013-14 ad contract pg 1

advertising flyer




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