Source Summer Meeting Schedule

Happy August everyone!

Now that MIPA is over–and we had TWO Sparty winners (Simon Sun and  Regina Chen)!–I hope everyone is excited and motivated to gear up for next year. Below are the summer meeting dates and activities for each. While these sessions are not required, they are HIGHLY recommended. Why?

  • They provide valuable practice for you with unfamiliar material–before you get graded on it!
  • Every session and all extra work is worth extra credit for first marking period.
  • You get to meet people and bond (which involves food).
  • You get a jump start on actual graded assignments for next year–namely that dreaded advertising grade!

So please try to make the meetings, if you can! You don’t have to make all of them, but the more you attend, the more practice you get (and the more extra credit). I look forward to seeing all of you–and meeting some of you for the first time!

Thursday, Auguast 8, 11 A.M.-1 P.M. @ SCHS, room C285:

  • Get-to-know-you!
  • Shirts!
  • Advertising kick-off (LOTS of changes this year! I REALLY want as many people as possible to come to this!)
  • Planning first day issue (BIG change for this this year, too!)
  • Registration worker sign up

August 9-21:

  • No meetings, but people will be working individually and in teams on the activities we initiate in the August 8 meeting

Monday, August 19 and Wednesday, August 21:

  • Registration. We will need a person or two to sit at a table and collect subscription forms/checks. This will NOT be a taxing job, so bring something to occupy yourself!
  • Sign up during August 8 meeting.

August 22, 23, 26, 27, 10 A.M to whenever @ SCHS, room C285:

  • Working on laying out the first day issue. Even if you don’t have a story for this issue or have a story but don’t know how to do layout, you can still come to these! They are work sessions rather than meetings.
  • Friday, August 23 – all first day issue stories are due (electronic copies emailed to me or brought to school on thumb drive, etc.)
  • Monday, August 26 – all business circular ad contracts and ads (if applicable) are due.

Wednesday, August 28:

  • The final pages for the first day issue will be sent to the printer.

Finally, if you can’t make any of these meetings/work days–or even if you can–but still would like to prepare a little, here are two links to some helpful Youtube videos I found. This one is a short introduction to graphic design principles (which you will be graded on eventually!), and this one is a longer (1/2 hour) tutorial on basic InDesgin tasks. We will be talking more about all of this during the year, but if you’re nervous about design, these will hopefully give you some confidence.

See you soon!


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