AP Language Letter Assignment

For this assignment (due Monday, April 22) you must write either a snail-mail letter or an email to TWO of your sources (you may contact more than two). The letter/email should be short and professional. Introduce yourself, explain your research paper/blog, and invite the source to view and comment on the blog. BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE BLOG URL!


Emails MUST…
1. Include MY school email address in the CC or BC line (this is how you’ll get credit!)

Snail-Mail letters MUST…
1. Use correct letter format (there are templates for this)
2. Be signed
3. Be submitted in a  STAMPED, addressed but UNSEALED business envelope (If you’ve never done this before, ask your parents how. The will look at you as if they have failed you as parent, perhaps even make fun of you, but, hey, it’s better than doing it incorrectly!)

For the information about responding to another’s blog, see the folder under AP Language (to your right!)


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