For AP Intros and Conclusions…

Many of you will be getting back your concession/refutations tomorrow (mainly in 5th hour), but not all of you will get them back until Wednesday.

However, you don’t really need them back to do your intro and conclusion–you guys have been writing these forever, and there’s nothing new. The intro has a hook, intro of the topic, and a logical progression of ideas that ends in a clear argumentative thesis. The conclusion is essentially the same thing backwards. There are several sample papers/blogs posted here (look to the right) that you can use for examples.

Just two things I would suggest:

1. PLEASE do not all do the same thing! For example, a lot of times I get 37 anecdotal hooks. That gets tiring. Do something new, something different than all your friends!

2. Don’t forget the Great Title Tutorial! Your title matters–it’s part of your introduction grade. Lost the tutorial? Here it is: The Great Title Tutorial



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2 responses to “For AP Intros and Conclusions…

  1. Pat Mertz

    where is the great title tutorial? i cant find it on this blog? – pat mertz

  2. Thanks Mrs. Martin! But I have to ask the same question as Patrick…

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