AP Language: Those Pesky Primary Sources

Many of you have govenment documents–especially laws or acts–as a primary source. These are pretty tricky to put into your Works Cited, so be careful!

Below is an example of how Bedford St. Martin’s says to do government documents.

73. Government document Treat the government agency as the author, giving the name of the government followed by the name of the department and the agency, if any. For print sources, add the medium at the end of the entry. For online sources, follow the model for an entire Web site (item 34) or a short work from a Web site (item 35).


After #73, this site also has information on how to cite historical documents and various legal documents (like court cases), so I would check out these just in case you find something that is closer to what your source actually is.



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2 responses to “AP Language: Those Pesky Primary Sources

  1. I need to cite the National Space Policy. Any hints on the department and agency that would fall under? If not, it’s fine, but any help would be welcome.

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