LA10 Key Word Tutorial Homework

Before you do your outline (so, definitely before class on Friday when your outline is due!), watch this tutorial on using key words. It’s a few minutes long and explains what key words are and shows examples of them being used correctly. To get a good grade on your outline, you MUST use key words in your topic sentences. And, of course, you also must use key words in your paper to get a good grade on that! (Using them is part of your body paragraphs grade…which is 30% of the paper grade!)

In addition, I also suggest you download/print the following documents. The first four constitute a kind of “Writing Handbook,” which gives explanations, details, and examples of all of the major parts of your paper grade. The last document is a sample student theme analysis paper that, while not perfect, earned an “A” from me last year.

“Writing Handbook” Documents:


key words

body paragraphs


Sample Paper:

American_Dream (1)


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