Declaration Diagramming and Sentence “Recipe”

As promised, here’s a diagram of the first sentence of the Declaration of Independence with explanatory notes. I’m sure all you AP kids have been holding your breath for it!

declaration diagram

Also, here is MY example of an original sentence following the Declaration sentence “recipe”: When over the course of a marking period, it becomes necessary for AP English students to attempt the syntatical gymnastics which their fore fathers used, and to suffer along with their peers the same and terrible perplexity to which the laws of grammar and the teachers of English subject them, a decent respect for the sanity of their minds requires taht they should at least have a little fun with the assignment which bedevils them.

And as a fun footnote, here is a link to an article by Dave Barry in the guise of “Mr. Language Person.” It’s all funny, but scroll down to find the question about diagramming. If you gain nothing else from diagramming, at least you understand this humor now!


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