Answers to schemes

Here are the answers to the post from yesterday. The all caps answer is the most salient scheme–meaning the most important, one that sets it apart from other schemes.

1. parallelism, ANAPHORA, isocolon

2. PARALLELISM, isocolon

3. ANTITHESIS, isocolon

4. ANTIMETABOLE/chiamus, isocolon


6. ANTITHESIS, isocolon

7. ANTIMETABOLE/chiasmus, isocolon

8. RHETORICAL QUESTION (don’t over-think these!)

9. parallelism, isocolon, ANADIPLOSIS

10. (The grand-daddy of ’em all!) loose/cumulative sentence; climatic sentence, parallelism, epistrophe, isocolon, anaphora, (could even say antithesis with the parallel presentation of “in death” and “in life”)

Happy studying and good luck on the test!


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  1. For everybody else checking, I believe the answer for question 2 should have polysyndeton in it.

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