LA10 “Get Yourself Organized!”

If you are finding yourself confused/disorganized in LA10, here are some handouts that will help you. These have already been distributed in class and I have gone over them, of course. This is for those of you who don’t remember or have already lost things!

For general class organization, procedures, rules, and grading, look at your syllabus: LANGUAGE ARTS 10 2012 syllabus

For information on your VERY, INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT English Binder and Writer’s Notebook, you need this handout (HINT: print this off and keep in the front pocket of your  English Binder where you can find it!): LANGUAGE ARTS 10 english binder 2012

Can’t remember where to get the grammar notes? Look at the top of this page. See the tab that says “Grammar for Everyone”? Click on it. Then scroll down to the link that says “LA10 grammar notes.” Click that. It will bring up a PowerPoint. Print the PowerPoint. (If you have a Mac or you have other trouble with this, you may have to print these at school.) Once you print those off, three-hole punch them in class and put them in the NOTES section of your English Binder. (Didn’t know you needed a NOTES section? See the info above!) You will need these when we work on our “mentor sentences.”

Need to remember about reading workshop? Here’s the info: LANGUAGE ARTS 10 reading workshop overview  Need some of those vocabulary sheets for your independent book? Here’s a copy: LANGUAGE ARTS 10 vocabulary word attack. You must have your first book finished and be ready to turn in ALL 20 WORDS (10 sheets) of vocab on OCTOBER 5!

Also, don’t forget reading workshop is EVERY FRIDAY. You need to have your book in class and be reading for the hour. This is a GRADED assignment! (So, if you don’t have your book, it counts as a missing assignment.) If you are absent on Friday, you DO have to make up reading workshop. To do so, pick up one of the make up slips in class.

Finally, don’t forget that in addition to the reading on Friday, you need to be reading at least 2 hours at home each week!


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