AP Language and Composition Summer Reading Information

The summer reading packet was handed out the last week of school and there were some questions. Specifically, students wanted to know what assignment they had to do for the book over the summer and if it was the same for AP Language, AP Gov and AP US History. First, for AP Language, there is no assignment with the book and accompanying text(s). In the past there has been (which is why it mentions an assignment on the handout), but this year instead of an assignment, there will be a test on the book and the accompanying text(s) during the first week of school. At this point, I BELIEVE that is the same for  AP Gov and AP US History, but I cannot state that for certain.

The second assignment for AP Language is attached to the reading. You will create an annotated bibliography for the 5 articles you read.

Finally, some students asked me for a recommendation on which book to read. Honestly, I liked them all. But, MY favorite is Team of Rivals. And I’m not just saying that because it is the longest one! I just think Abraham Lincoln was the man. That could explain why I also read and enjoyed Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Happy summer and I’ll see you in the fall!


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