AP Language Close Reading Comments Round 2

One more thing that I need to add to my comments from last night concerning issues with my first “fast read” of your papers: a “hybrid” organization should not mean that you are simplifying the task at hand!

Some people are trying to write a 5 paragraph essay where each body paragraph address one of the three parts of the thesis. THIS CANNOT WORK! The reason it cannot work is that you are using the rhetorical techniques/strategies you mention in Part A to prove Part B! Therefore, each body paragraph MUST include a sub-category of Part A key word AND a Part B key word. This is mandatory!

Now, you can write several (like three) body paragraphs like this (Part A + Part B) and then save your final body paragraph to address Part C. But remember, if you save Part C for its own body paragraph, you must develop that paragraph. That means–at the bare minimum–you must provide two specific examples (fact, quote, etc.) to support  your analysis of Part C. For this reason, you may find including Part C in each body paragraph will work better since, for many of you, it is directly related to your Part B.

For those of you who are using the “spiraling” organization, study the sample outline carefully. Notice that there are 5 or 6 BODY paragraphs in this organization. You are NOT using this organization if you have only two body paragraphs. (In fact, if you have only two body paragraphs for this paper, I would say you have some major issue with the paper!) You probably aren’t even using this organization if you have only three body paragraphs.

Like I mentioned, a good close reading is going to be 3-4 pages long. If yours is two pages or a page and half, you either have not developed the ideas nearly enough, or you have simplified the task by not really analyzing–or BOTH!


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