AP Language Angela’s Ashes Close Reading Test Info

Your test on Monday will be a close reading of an assigned passage from Angela’s Ashes. In stead of an individual essay, however, you will be assigned to a group and write a group essay. You will receive two grades for this: one will be an individual grade on the part of the essay you wrote, and the other will be a group grade on the essay as a whole.

To prepare for the essay, you should read over the handouts I have given in class the past few days. You may also want to look over the seminar notes (First hour seminar notes Mar 20 [these include both first and fourth hour notes], Seminar Notes Mar 26, Seminar Notes april 11 2012).

For the test, you will need to have your Angela’s Ashes book. You may also these items on the test (but you must have them with you when you come to class; you will not be allowed to get them from your locker, share with other groups, etc.):
     1. The 5 random theses you created in class Friday
     2. The handout I gave you on analyzing syntax (schemes)
     3. A copy of the seminar notes (if you printed them and you want them)


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