LA10 Word Clouds

After doing your initial quick read  and annotation of the “Song of Myself” excerpts, work with a partner to create a word cloud using (You can also use but I think this one is harder!) Be creative with your cloud! Make it represent your favorite parts of the poem and convey the mood/tone you get from the poems.


1. Type in the lines, phrases, words you annotated last night.

2. You may decide to “tweak” the cloud by putting some words/phrases in more than once in order for them to be bigger in the cloud. You may even decide to put in Whitman’s name or the title of the poem several times so that those will be prominent in your cloud.

3. Choose fonts, colors and styles that seem to convey the mood/tone of the poem to you.

4. You also need to get a copy of your word cloud to me to grade. This is where it gets a little complicated with wordle. First, you will have to save it to the public gallery. Title it “SongofMyself3” or “SongofMyself5” for the assignment and hour. Save it with the FIRST names of you and your partner.

5. If you use tagxedo, you will save your image as a jpg with the title “Song of Myself 3” or “Song of Myself 4” to one of your h drives. THEN, send me an email with the image as an attachement. Make sure you put your names in the email! (send it to

Wordle: song of myself 2

Wordle: walt whitman song of myself


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