LA10 Questions

I’ve had a few people ask me two questions:

1. What do the circled page numbers mean on my outline?

ANSWER: Nothing. I was just circling them when I was counting that you had three quotes. Don’t worry about these.

2. What is the log in information for

ANSWER: First, if you turned in your humor paper to previously, you don’t have to do anyting except log in as normal. LA10 should be listed as one of your classes. If, however, you never submitted your humor paper or have forgotten your log in information, here  is what you need:

Class ID: 4524178

Enrollment Password: LA101112

These are case sensitive, so you must type them in exactly as they are here, including spacing and capitalization. Also, make sure you put the right code in the right box. I’m not sure what one it asks for first!


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