LA10 Exam Study Help

You can use these interactive quizzes to help you study for the objective part of the exam. But, don’t forget–60% of your exam grade is based on your Of Mice and Men paper that is due on exam day! (Hard copy in class; electronic copy to by 11:59 that night.)

Need more review of Of Mice and Men than writing the paper? Try this quiz.

Parts of the exam will be set up like the ACT. For a practice English (meaning grammar and mechanics) ACT test click here.

To practice run-ons and fragments, click here.

Want to brush up on parts of speech for the grammar portion of the exam? Try this quiz. Or this one. Or even this one!

Can’t figure out those sentence structures? Well, you can practice here. Or here. (Choose the Flash quiz)

Most fun of all, you can get a tutorial on diagramming AND practice all at one cool site. You won’t be required to diagram for your final exan, but diagramming is just another way to understand grammar, especially if you are a more visual learner.

Oh, and don’t miss grammar’s greatest hits: All the Schoolhouse Rock grammar videos are linked on my LA10-Grammar page!

Good luck, everyone!


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