AP Language Debate #2 Sources…and some comments

Hello everyone!

Here are the sources for tomorrow’s debate/essay: ap language persuasive paper help.  Remember to read and print them–or copy and past parts and print those.

Also, good job to those who debated today!  The first debate is always a little tough, I know, but–hey–at least you’re done and don’t have to worry about it any more!

For both the debates and the essays, a few things to keep in mind:

  • Remember emotional appeal! For the debates, the best place to put this in is in the intro, constructive, and conclusion–because you can plan those. For the essays, the intro and conclusion work well (although rhetorical questions can be very effective in the refutation).
  • Speaking of the refutation, remember you most definitely need one in your essays! And for both the essays AND the debates, remember you should use evidence in your rebuttals! (This means you should be citing sources to support your rebuttal[s] as much as you would your constructive!)


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2 responses to “AP Language Debate #2 Sources…and some comments

  1. Hi Mrs. Martin, the link for the debate sources doesn’t look like the right link…It’s about persuasive paper stock taking. So I was wondering if you could double check and get back to me. Thanks!

  2. Jiyong

    Hi Mrs. Martin,
    I clicked on your link and it doesn’t look like its the debate sources. It’s about persuasive paper stock taking.
    Could you check and re-post the sources? Thanks so much.

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