AP Language Essays – Round 2

Some people haven’t read the Great Title Tutorial from my previous post. PLEASE DO SO! Don’t lose a point on your title; it’s too easy!

Also, some people are struggling a little with their attention-getter. I am looking for a SPECIFIC technique, such as a quote, an anecdote, an interesting fact/statistic, figurative language, etc. If you need a refresher on what some of those techniques are, here’s a link. And here’s another. Some of these are more elementary rather than college level, but they will give you an idea.

Whatever you do, DO NOT start with a generality or sweeping statement. That’s the worst way to start an essay. Also, don’t forget your hook has to relate to the quote and the thesis–and YOU have to make that connection clear.

Also, transitions continue to be a problem. I will talk about these in class tomorrow, but, in the meantime, here’s a  link to smooth transitions.

Finally, several people are writing cause-effect body paragraphs, especially those who are writing on MLK’s “injustice” quote. Please understand it is NOT enough just to state that there is a cause-effect relationship. You have to PROVE the cause-effect. This takes some time to do, so be sure to be thorough with your examples and explanations!


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