Backgroud Information for LA10 Comparison Contrast Essay

For the video that you didn’t see in class, click here. You could watch the whole thing (about 27 minutes), or just the author profile segment.

For background information on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s use of civil disobedience, click here. Again you may watch the whole video (which is on the entire Civil Rights Movement), or just segment 7 “Civil Disobedience: The Work of Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Of course, you may also do whatever other research you wish to prepare for the paper.

To see a sample comparison/contrast essay, click on the links below. If you read this paper keep in mind that it is not perfect–it was written by an eighth grader! What is good about it is the thesis, the topic sentences (notice the key words), the use of transitions, and the amount of support in each body paragraph. The biggest problem with the paper is that the second body paragraph (on “mood”) lacks unity and actually discusses elements other than mood. Also, this was a take home paper, so it is longer than what I would expect most people to be able to write in class. It has three body paragraphs and each body has three specific examples for each subject (6 specific examples total in each body paragraph). This is probably not doable for an in-class writing!

essay page 1

essay page 2

essay page 3

Finally, if you want to review the example graphic organizer from class today, click on the links below:

graphic organizer example pg 1

graphic organizer example pg 2


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