Vindication of the Rights of Woman Reading

Mary Wollstonecraft’s Vindication of the Rights of Woman is a difficult text to read, so y0u will be engaging with it over several days and will use technology to help further your understanding.

First, read the FULL TEXT of Section II. If you read it online, you will be able to click on the footnotes but you will not be able to annotate. If you print it (print version: Vindication of the Rights of Woman section II) and annotate it, you should also print the footnotes.

In addition to reading Section II, read one of these summaries of the Wollstonecraft’s life and this work:

After you read the text and the summary, you will work with a partner to explicate a section of the text and share your insights with the rest of the class. More details on this to follow…



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2 responses to “Vindication of the Rights of Woman Reading

  1. Emily- Jiyoung Group 5 Post 2

    antiquity- the quality of being ancient
    usurp- to seize and hold
    sceptre- scepter
    abhorrence- a feeling of extreme repugnance or aversion
    congenial- agreeable or pleasing in nature or character

  2. Emily- Jiyoung Group 5 Post 4

    Logos- the main type of logical appeal used by the author is refutation:
    “…and the opinion of a well known poet might be quoted to refute my unqualified assertion. For Pope has said, in the name of the whole male sex,
    “Yet ne’er so sure our passion to create, ‘as when she touch’d the brink of all we hate.”

    Pathos- the author uses a lot of rhetorical questions to appeal to her audiences’ emotional side:

    “In fact, how can they, if virtue only has one eternal standard?”
    “How can the great art of pleasing be such a necessary study?”

    Ethos- the author applies ethical appeal with her biased opinion that women should viewed more useful than just to pleasure men. However, presenting the opposing viewpoint in a respectful manner while still respectfully refuting it gives her argument more of a pleasant tone to it while it still critiques.

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