AP Language Answers

Well, no one really posted comments about the practice schemes I posted last week, but I will give the answers anyway. I will put them at the end of this post.

In the meantime, I wanted to remind people that you should be familiar with the meanings of the following Latin/Greek roots for the vocab section of the test tomorrow as wells the list of words:

Co/Com/Con/Col; Cap/Cept/Cieve; Dis; Her/Hes; Pro; Pre

(I’m working from home without my vocabulary list, so I believe those are all of the prefixes and base words we discussed. I will NOT be testing you on suffixes.)

If you struggled on the grammatical parallelism worksheet I handed back on Friday, remember there is an explanation of parallelism with examples in the first sentence packet handout that I gave you and that we went over in class. I would start with re-reading that. If that doesn’t make sense (or you can’t find it), here is another explanation: OWL online.

You can also take the interactive quizzes I posted last week, or you can practice with this one: click.

OK. So here are the answers to the scheme analysis I posted last Thursday. The most salient scheme (meaning the one that really sets it apart) is in capitals:

1. parallelism, ANAPHORA, isocolon

2. PARALLELISM, isocolon

3. ANTITHESIS, isocolon

4. ANTIMETABOLE/chiamus, isocolon


6. ANTITHESIS, isocolon

7. ANTIMETABOLE/chiasmus, isocolon

8. RHETORICAL QUESTION (don’t over-think these!)

9. parallelism, isocolon, ANADIPLOSIS

10. (The grand-daddy of ’em all!) loose/cumulative sentence; climatic sentence, parallelism, epistrophe, isocolon, anaphora, (could even say antithesis with the parallel presentation of “in death” and “in life”)

Happy studying and good luck on the test!



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One response to “AP Language Answers

  1. Student

    I’ve read the answers and have a few questions.
    Wouldn’t #2 be a polysyndeton as well? Wouldn’t the word order in #3 have to be reversed for it to be an antimetabole? #10 should also an asydeton right?

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