The NSPA 2010-2011 Evaluation Is In!

The NSPA judge was REALLY fast this year and has already returned our evaluation!

We were ranked All American with 5 Marks of Distinction–the most that a publication can get. This does NOT, by the way, preclude us from the Pacemaker competition. When we were a finalist before, we earned the exact same ranking. So, we will still wait until September to see about that.

I agree with what the judge said in most instances. Some comments surprised me–not necessarily for the worse. Can anyone guess which ones?

If you were a staff member in 2010-2011 and would like to read the evaluation, follow this link: 2011 NSPA evaluation If you are staff member in the 2011-2012 school year, this will be required reading eventually, so you may want to do it at your leisure over the summer.

Good job, everyone! I’m very proud of you!


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