LA10 exam practice

If you would like some additional practice to what we will do in class for the LA10 exam, you can use these links. They do not cover all the material, but they cover a good portion of it.

Want to review logos, pathos and ethos (logical, emotional, and ethical appeal)? Try this quiz! (Warning: there’s some advertisement on this one–be careful of that last question!)

Need practice determing the tone of a passage? Click here!

I even have a Crucible review quiz. There are a lot of questions–some on vocabulary and some on specifics that won’t be on the exam–but the more general ones about characters, plot and theme are a good review. To take the review quiz, click here.

Parts of the exam will be set up like the ACT. For a practice English (meaning grammar and mechanics) ACT test click here. For a practice Reading test, click here.

Want to brush up on parts of speech? Try this quiz. Or this one. Or even this one!

Can’t figure out those sentence structures? Well, you can practice here. Or here. (Choose the Flash quiz)

Most fun of all, you can get a tutorial on diagramming AND practice all at one cool site. You won’t be required to diagram for your final, but diagramming is just another way to understand grammar, especially if you are a more visual learner (and if you are going on to AP next year, you will need to know it then!)

Oh, and don’t miss grammar’s greatest hits: All the Schoolhouse Rock grammar videos are linked on my LA10-Grammar page!


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