Research Papers

Research papers were handed back Monday, April 11. If you have questions about your paper, you can see me starting Tuesday,  April 12.

These are challenging papers to write, not only because of the length, but also because of the complexity of the argument and the technicalities of documentation. However, many students did very well on the paper. If you would like to read an “A” paper, you may click on any of the links below. While most are not perfect (one DID earn 101 percent, though!), they are all representative of outstanding work on this assignment. (These are not all the “A” or “A-” papers, just a representative sample.)

Danille Linihan – Genetically modified food

Megan D’Arcy – Charter Schools

Rachel Watton – The 1st Amendment and the Internet

Jame Meyer – Digital Overload

Harman Singh – Fast Food Regulation


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