So, What About Those 3rd Marking Grades?

I know people are nervous about their marking period grades, so I thought I would give you an historical perspective–sort of.

It is VERY typical that third marking period grades go down, usually by as much as an entire grade. The reason is because this marking period  is more difficult, mostly because practice AP quizzes are now added into your grade. There are also fewer grades overall this marking period, and especially fewer “credit-no credit” assignments that tend to pad the grades first semester.

However, while grades historically go down third marking period, they also historically go back up by the end of the second semester. Consider these percentages from last year:

Class 1:   1st Sem. avg. = 88%; 3rd Marking avg. = 84%; 2nd Sem. avg. = 88%

Class 2:   1st Sem. avg. = 89%; 3rd Marking avg. = 82%; 2nd Sem. avg. = 87%

Consider, now, the averages for this year (the 3rd. marking period averages are not final; there are still four assignments to include):

First Hour:   1st Sem. avg. = 88%; 3rd Marking avg. = 78%

Fifth/fourth Hour:   1st Sem. avg. = 89%; 3rd Marking avg. = 81%

This is very similar to last year. I have no reason to believe that class averages will not rebound this year as they have in the past. So, keep plugging along and remember, only the semester grade is averaged in your GPA or included on your transcript!


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