Research Blog Tip of the Day #3

For those of you wanting to embed a video in your blog–either as an “extra,” non-cited item or because you used it in your actual paper–you can do so in two ways:

1. If you’re more “tech-y” than me, you can download the video, save it in some compatible format (Quicktime movie, for example) and then use the “insert media” button (the star)

2. If you have no luck downloading videos, no matter HOW much you paid for your REALLY COOL Mac, you can also easily embed a video by choosing the “insert media” button, but instead of using the “from computer” tab–which is the first tab–use the “from URL” tab. To do this, you will need to copy the URL OF THE VIDEO (NOT the website!) and paste it into the appropriate box on the “from URL” tab. Then just insert as usual. Youtube videos and Google videos have the URLs available. Other sites may not. However, if you found your video on another site that doesn’t have a URL available for the video, why not search it on Google? Don’t they have access to, like, EVERYTHING anyway?

Oh, and someone please teach  Adam how to make a link!


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