Research Blog Tip of the Day #1

As you work on your research blog, you may want to check my blog each day for helpful Tips of the Day. I’ll try to pass along things I think of–maybe things students are asking questions about, etc.–as you work.

So, here’s my first Tip of the Day: DON’T STRESS OUT!

If you think of this paper as a huge 7-10 page paper, it becomes overwhelming. You don’t know where to begin. You try to start, give up, and go watch a marathon of “America’s Next Top Model.” Then you’re left one or two days before the due date staying up all night trying to finish.

This is not healthy for you or your grade!

So, instead, break the paper down into “chunks” and try to finish one chunck a day. I suggest the schedule below:

Thursday, Jan. 21 and Friday, Jan. 22 – Be sure your outline is finished and complete. Getting the info organized is the biggest part! Also, use the class time to set up your blog so that if you have any questions or problems, you can ask me in class.

Saturday, Jan.23 – Write your introduction. Be sure to have a good hook and use good emotional appeal.

Sunday, Jan. 24 – Take the day off!

Monday, Jan. 25 – Write your narration

Tuesday, Jan. 26 – Write your confirmation

Wednesday, Jan. 27 – Write your concession/refutation

Thursday, Jan. 28 – Write your conclusion

Friday, Jan. 29 – Copy and paste your paper onto your blog. Create the links and insert the visuals.

Saturday, Jan. 30 – Invite a classmate to read your blog and give feed back. Edit, fine tune, and publish. Type your final Works Cited.

Sunday, Jan. 31 -If you followed this schedule, you’re done! Relax!

See? That doesn’t seem so bad, does it?


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