Get ready to make your research blog!

For the next few weeks,  AP Language students will be completing their research blog. Click on any of the links below to to access the documents I handed out in class.

For a copy of the research blog rubric, click here. AP LANGUAGE AND COMPOSITION research paper rubric 2009 update

To read a research paper that earned an “A” with my comments, click here. AP LANGUAGE AND COMPOSITION A research paper 1

For a copy of the outline template, click here. AP LANGUAGE AND COMPOSITION reseach paper outline guide

This “paper,” however, is not just a paper; it’s a blog. (To view a sample blog that I created using a former student’s paper, click here.) This means that not only will students be using current technology to demonstrate what they’ve learned, but they will also be able to communicate their ideas with a real audience and get feedback. Not only will I give class time for students to read and respond to each other’s blog, but students will have one last assignment related to the research blog–and an opportunity for extra credit points.

The final assignment that students will complete related to the blog is to write a business letter (it may be an email, but the email must follow business letter format) to at least two of the sources they used in their paper, informing the source of the blog and inviting the source to view it and respond to it. While it is a requirement to send two such letters, students may choose to send as many as they would like. If a source responds by posting a comment on the blog, the student will receive extra credit points! (You cannot, however, actually tell the source this in the letter!)


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