Do your homework and help the world

Notice the widget from Socialvibe to your right? This is a really cool thing you can put on your blog. Go to “Appearance” and then “widgets,”  find the widget called “Socialvibe” and drag it to your sidebar. Once it is in your sidebar, click on the arrow and you see a list of different charities. Choose a charity that you like and click “update.”

Now whenever anyone goes to your blog, if they click on your charity icon, money will be donated! It is free for you to put it on  your blog, and it is free for every visitor to click on. If everyone puts a charity on their blog and  we all click on the charity any time we visit other’s blogs, we can raise a lot of money together!

So, see–homework CAN have a point!

Thanks to Nick and Lindsey Diamond for this tip!


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