Welcome Back!

I really can’t help myself.

As much as I am really happy to leave school in the spring, and as much as I count down the days of summer vacation with dread, and even after 30-some years of school (if I count the time I went to school and the time I’ve been teaching school), I still am always excited to come back.

Maybe it’s the back-to-school shopping?

But rampant consumerism aside, I am happy to be back. My room is all cleaned and even my file drawers are tidy–a condition that surely will not exist again after the first week. My lesson plans are done–at least for a little while. My copies are made and neatly stacked in a place I can actually find them on my desk–because I don’t have 37 other stacks of papers there. And best of all, I have nothing to grade!

And, as always, I have a lot of optimisim about the year! I took several classes over the summer, so I’m excited to employ all of the new technology I learned about (thus: this blog!) I hope that students and parents find it beneficial, as well. I am teaching Language Arts 10 for the first time in seven or eight years, so I am very happy to be working with underclassmen again and delving into American Literature. The best thing about this: I get to teach poetry again, which hasn’t been part of the curriculum of the classes I’ve been teaching for the last few years. Sorry tenth graders, but get ready for Whitman! AP Composition is always a challenge, but I enjoy challenges. And, of course, there is newspaper–the most stressful, demanding, time consuming and wonderful class ever!

So, I hope that you all are at least a little excited, too.

If not, check back with me in November; I’ll probably be right with you!


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